Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti falls on February 19, 2024, commemorating the birth of the legendary Maratha king.

This occasion celebrates Shivaji Maharaj's life, achievements, and principles that continue to inspire generations. 

Among the revered quotes attributed to Shivaji Maharaj, one emphasizes assessing enemies without underestimating or overestimating them. 

Another quote underscores the power of enthusiasm, likening mountains to mere clay piles when approached with zeal. 

Shivaji Maharaj's philosophy encourages maintaining dignity by always holding one's head high, embodying self-respect. 

He champions the idea of freedom as an inherent right for all individuals, regardless of their background or status. 

The significance of willpower in governance is highlighted, transcending the mere possession of weapons. 

Respect for women is paramount in Shivaji Maharaj's vision, acknowledging motherhood as the highest right for women. 

He espouses the harmonious coexistence of religions, viewing mosques and temples as symbols of devotion to the Divine.

Shivaji Maharaj's wisdom extends to learning from others' mistakes, emphasizing the value of humility, knowledge, and courage in leadership and personal growth.